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ERP Implementation




Manufacturing ERP:

Web Based ERP Software Solutions from Al Naaji InfoTech are totallly customize and cover everything needed to run an organization irrespective of size of a company. It offers virtually all process starting solution is best known to be less expensive,easier to implement about finance,order management,purchase,inventory,employee management,e-commerce and much more.Itis all about the use of a browser to access a software application over the internet to perform work any time from any where in the world.

The MX-ERP Offers a solution that addresses the key requirement of an organization such as

  • Low Total cost of ownership.
  • Meeting current business process requirements.
  • Having scope for improvement in processes in future.
  • Smooth upward integration for growth.
  • Simplicity in implementation and maintainance


The CRM Software offers a business the capacity to assign,Create and manage requests of the customers.It bring a sort of collaboration amoung the clients as well as employees and ther by increases the productivity.

Al Naaji InfoTech is a leading CRM Software  Solutions company in Muscat,offers Web Based CRM ,Open Source CRm Solutions to the client.Customer Relationship Management Software also let you manage the employee details efficienty in a hierarchical way, which is a biggest advantage of this software.

Mx-CRM is the primarily meant for Traders or Post sales Service providers.which would include the procedures started from Lead Management to supplying the item to a client to manage its post sales complaints to warrantee or AMC Management.Other Model of CRM is to manage distributions of organization who work on the distribution model instead of direct sales.



.ERP Software provides totally integrated solution for tour operations,travels agencies as well as other travel management organization Operation management comprises wide range of activites which includes effective ERP use, effective system use, Material Planning, management of lean operations and many more. ERP toure operations system  offer extraordinary insight to customer service, profitability,operations and reduces the requirement of multiple software. With the help of easy and quick access to information online,all types of customers queries are answered effectively and quickly.



Al Naaji InfoTech has utilized its to create the MatrixFleet leasing (MFL) System application. Designed as a web-based system, Al Naaji InfoTech fleet management software is build specifically for fleetmanagement companies. The MFl covers the entire gamut of fleet operations,comprehensively managing the entire life cycle of the fleet leasting contract.

Typically, the fleet leasing life cycle begins with the issuance of a fleet card and ends when the vehicle is taken off road.amoung other things the MFL comes equipped with fuel purchase management, Maintenance work management, accident management, license management, duty slip administration, exceptions reporting and customer billing capabilities.



Hospital Information System (HIS) or Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) are synonyms of hospital e-Governance initatives,which means making a hospital management paperless. This includes the clinical,back Office and genertic management of all activities.It integrates the entire resources of a hospital into one integrated software application.

Electra Hospital management System (HMS) from Al Naaji InfoTech makes such an attempt and offers a world class solution,which fits into all kinds of haedware platform including a mobile phone.