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Hardware & Networking Solution


Al Naaji InfoTech Networking Services are provided to large end user organizations,those who required complete IT life cycle services of their networks. Network infrastructure changes over the time because of new technology, new opportunities, new business demands or perhaps because the cascading of technology to match features to functions cost effectively. The services,people, processes and skills that are needed in the beginning of a project are different than those needed at the end of the project for maintaining large installed systems. SSPL has a rich experience and capabilities in adopting a multi-technology approach.


  • Computer systems (desktops, workstations, appliances, LAN Stations & Servers with a full set of services concerning investigation, development, installation, maintenance of LAN & WAN)
  • Notebooks and handhelds with a full range of accessories;
  • Printing and multifunction - printers, faxes, copiers, all-in-one/multifunction machines, print servers and network software, large-format printers and plotters.
  • Storage - choose from storage area networks (SAN), disk arrays, network-attached storage (NAS), tape and automated backup, server-based storage, disks, storage media, DVD and CD products;
  • Servers - super scalable servers and server appliances for tower or rack-mount environments, internal system expansion or simplified clustering.
  • Networking - home networking, switches and hubs, storage area networks (SAN), print servers and network software, modems, UNIX-server connectivity, output management and document delivery.
  • Satellite communications– hardware equipment and building of two-way broadband satellite communication system for Internet, opportunities to choose from three levels of single-user or multiple-users accounts – standard, plus, premium; Virtual Private Networks (VPN) building between different subsidiaries or remote locations of enterprise, medium, small business, governmental or non-governmental organizations, etc.; VoIP systems building.
  • Monitors, LCD, Software distribution and Multi-media displays.